Jane Curley endorses Woody

Jane Curley letter to the editor

I am writing to support Woodrow Crouch as a candidate for the Board of Education. I have known Woody for five years, both as neighbor and as a committee member for Scarsdale Boy Scout Troop 2.

Woody raised his family in Scarsdale and his two children attended Scarsdale schools. Both his children returned to Scarsdale, and have had their own children enrolled in Scarsdale schools at the Edgewood and Greenacres elementary schools, the middle school, and the high school. His son moved away about a year ago, but Woody still has 5 grandchildren in the schools.  Woody’s exposure to Scarsdale's schools is extensive and very likely unmatched.

As a grandparent and an adult leader of the Scarsdale Scout troop that meets at IHM, Woody is actively involved in the educations of his own family and those of other area children, including mine. Woody's enthusiasm, knowledge, and active leadership have provided my children with opportunities to participate in activities and learning that I would not have been able to provide. Not only have they been able to camp and hike, but they have benefited from Woody's wisdom and engagement. It's not every adult leader who can point out a impressive electrical transmission tower on a hike and say, "I built that," and then explain to the scouts what it does, how it was constructed, and his management of the project. That type of mentorship is very inspiring to young potential engineers.

Woody has the experience and inclination to contribute positively to Scarsdale schools and I urge voters to give him the opportunity to do so. 

[An edited version of this letter appeared in Scarsdale Inquirer on April 20]