Karen Ball endorses Woody

Karen Ball - President and CEO The Sturge-Weber Foundation

I am writing to indicate my support for Woodrow Crouch as a Nominee to the Scarsdale Board of Education.

Twelve years ago, Woody came to the Foundation looking for answers about the rare condition calledSturge-Weber Syndrome (SWS), that his grandson, Woodrow “Michael” Crouch, had just 

been born with.  He knew nothing of SWS and what it would mean to Michael and his family.  He flew out to our semi-annual conference. At our general presentation by several doctors, Woody, whom I did not know asked thoughtful and probing questions of our panel.  He immediately developed a relationship with our doctors and myself.  

I quickly recognized that Woody would be an asset to the Sturge-Weber Foundation because he understood the need for medical research into this “orphan” disease and asked him if he would be 

willing to serve on our Board.  He replied immediately that he would do anything to help us. We of course got his resume, vetted him and our existing Board voted to bring him on.  It was one of the best 

decisions that we made.  Woody worked tirelessly to help us and we soon realized that he was the person to be our next Chairman.  

The Board elected him to a 3 year term and then for another 3 year term.  Even though his grandson died of SWS only 5 months after being born, Woody Crouch has continued to contribute his skills 

and leadership abilities to our Board and our community of families.  

He served with distinction as Chairman and helped us to expand 

our research and family support.  

Two years ago, we asked Woody to rejoin our Board and again, he agreed.  Woody went to Washington, DC with us and made an appeal to his Congressman to have the National Institute of Health 

(NIH) include Sturge -Weber Syndrome in its research.  The result was the NIH agreed!  Woody has a sincere, calm and logical way of speaking to people that gets them to work with him to 

support a result.  

Woody demonstrated he was adept at conflict resolution, listening to opposite points of view, problem solving, and has high ethics, moral faith based character, and professional acumen. 

He also learned with SWS that children with special needs require a  less restrictive environment.  These skills served us well at SWF and will serve the Scarsdale Board of Education if you elect him.

In closing, I would say the Scarsdale Board of Education would be well served to have him as a Board Member. Woody puts his heart and intellect fully into any assignment he undertakes.  He has 

become indispensable to our Board. 


Karen L Ball

President and CEO

The Sturge-Weber Foundation

973-895-4445 office



[Letters to the editor: Scarsdale Inquirer, April 13, 2018]