Friends of the SBNC Slate support Woody and Alison

We are thrilled to support Woodrow Crouch and Alison Singer for School Board, recommended by Scarsdale School Board Nominating Committee (SBNC).

Our support of this slate is based primarily on three factors:

  1. The SBNC selected Woodrow Crouch and Alison Singer because they are the best choices for the job. They are dedicated community volunteers with valuable professional experience. Read bios: SBNC Site
  2. Scarsdale’s non-partisan system has worked well for close to 100 years. Thirty elected members of the SBNC, representing all 5 village neighborhoods, are entrusted to vet candidates based on character, experience and values. Lengthy deliberations are conducted with integrity, respect and confidentiality. We support the results of this trusted process.
  3.  Scarsdale Schools need leaders who can bring us together.   Woodrow Crouch and Alison Singer are committed to children's   learning and community values. 

The election for 2 new Scarsdale School Board of Education members is May 15th at SMS from 6am – 9pm.

Please Vote and help get out the vote!  Bring your spouse! If your children are voting age, please ask them to vote too!  And feel free to pass this email along to 5 (or more!) others and encourage them to VOTE!

Out of town of May 15, clink here to get an absentee ballot to print and mail in.

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For more info on Woodrow, visit 

Find more information on Alison Singer at

Thank you for your commitment to Scarsdale,

Friends of SBNC Slate